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/ Shop rules /

  •     Following the submission of an offer, please immediately fill out the shipping method or contact us.
  •     In case of change of already stored data, please contact us.
  •     Sent by our company packages are properly secured.
  •     We cooperate with the courier service that allows our customers to track their packages - all shipments are insured
  •          There is no warranty on used parts!

/ Terms of Purchase /

All names, marks, numbers, logos, are the property of the manufacturer and given them to identify the goods.

  •     You acknowledge that you have read the conditions of use of parts and materials.
  •     The invoice should be treated as a request for payment. We reserve the ownership of the goods sold until payment of the price (art.589-591 K.C.)
  •     Interest for not timely payments will be calculated according to art. 454 K.C. where the date of payment of receivables is the date the funds are credited to the account of the creditor.
  •     Until the payment of the goods owned by the Seller.
  •     Parts warranty period is six months, in words (six months) from the date of invoice.
  •     Warranty are covered only manufacturing defects (factory).
  •     When buying items in the store Inter-Kop, the company is not liable under the warranty for physical defects. Return of goods is possible within 14 days from the date of issuance of the document. Goods returned can not have signs of installation or use, must be in original and undamaged packaging.
  •     Positions with the status of "individual orders" and "order at the supplier the customer." NOT REFUNDABLE